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Born Brilliant

por Volátil, em 07.12.14

I'm cold and unapproachable
Deceptive and a fraud
Don't need to keep attention
I hate to be ignored
The soul of no discretion
Belligerent, won't think outside the box
I'm critical and careless
My open mind is shut and firmly locked

I'm selfish and insensitive
I'm rotten to the core
Pretentious and derivative
You've seen it all before
My good contributions
Are counted on the fingers of one hand
No New Year's Resolution
Nothing ever goes the way I planned

My catalogue of failures
Is etched upon my lips
The baggage that I carry
Would sink a thousand ships
My motives are uncertain
Intentions not altogether pure
So now don't you want me beside you
Just like it was before?

I'm stupid, inarticulate
My ego grows and grows
Libido turns to celibate
I don't know where it goes
No lifelong performance
Prepares me for the final curtain call
I swear no allegiance
No loyalty to anything at all

You, like me, were raised to be
A million times admired
Unlike mine, your family line
Were all born brilliant liars

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